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"If a child doesn't hear the word, they can't say the word. If they can't say the word, they can't read the word. If they can't read the word, then they can't write the word." - Tim Trelease

Get in touch to discuss your spoken word/performance poetry workshop by sending a message via the booking form below or email: or call me on: 07766187317.

  • Half and full day packages available. Small groups to whole Keystage and Year groups covered, from KS1 upwards
  • High value curricular outcomes supporting quality education and curricular intent of schools and trusts 
  • Rates include: Prepped, professional Enhanced DBS (subscription latest update service) poet, with necessary PA equipment.
  • No quibbles 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee should you feel the workshop brought no tangible value to you or your pupils.

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