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What is an Arts Award?

Arts Award is a range of unique qualifications that support anyone aged 25 and under to grow as an artist or arts leader, inspiring them to connect with and take part in the wider arts world through taking challenges in an art form - from fashion to film making, pottery to poetry.

Through Arts Award young people gain a nationally recognised qualification enabling them to progress into further education and employment. Arts Award has five levels, four of which (Explore, Bronze, Silver, Gold) are accredited qualifications on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF). Arts Award Discover is an introductory level. (The above has been extracted from the Arts Award Website)

I am a trained Arts Award advisor for all 5 levels of the Arts Award which ranges in age restriction, contact hours and achievement level. Arts Award is a fantastic gateway to academic achievement for children of all backgrounds and circumstances by the way it rewards creativity within a nationally recognised qualification framework. Great for building the confidence to attain more qualifications.

  • Age 5 +  Certificated Introductory Award
  • Age 7 +  Accredited Entry Level 3 qualification.
  • Age 11+ Accredited Bronze, a Level 1 national qualification. 
  • Age 14+ Accredited Silver, a Level 2 national qualification
  • Age 16+ Accredited Gold, a Level 3 national qualification. The award is also recognised on the UCAS Tariff (35 points)

What Arts Award qualifications compare to. (Will open a new page to the Arts Award website)

More about Kurly and Make Some Noise

Kurlys Arts Award Case Study

Whilst working with womens charity 'Womens Aid' (on behalf of Make Some Noise) I met a very shy young person called *Amy who didn't think she could sing. In two sessions she not only wrote and sung her own song but she also gained an Arts Award qualification during the process. Please click here to read her case study. (

Kurlys Poetry Arts Award