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British Cultural Values poetry package

The British Cultural Values resource pack helps teachers to guide their pupils through the four core themes of 'British Values': Respect & Tolerance, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty and Democracy in a fun dynamic way with performance poetry. The teachers’ resource pack has been developed by specialist education poets who have been delivering literacy enrichment workshops in schools throughout the U.K for over a decade each. The pack itself is a condensed 48 page catalogue of resources, templates and activities that concentrates some of the best of their combined good practice for helping children write, read and perform. There's a link below to join our Facebook private community group, where me and my colleagues can answer any questions you may have. On the Facebook page you can also access the Year 3, 4, 5, and 6 walkthrough videos of the pack (with Matt and me) and hear teachers’ testimonials in the 'videos' section. You can also discuss booking a poet to deliver the British Values poetry slam workshop day on behalf of your school where a teacher looking to up skill for CPD can learn the format (by shadowing the poet) who could then run the day again on behalf of your school in the future. The pack has a series of teaching resources of tried and tested literacy activities, as well as performance tips and pre-written poems that will enable you to engage up 240 pupils (2 form entry) to write and perform poetry on the curricular theme of British Values.  To purchase a PDF and hard copy of the pack (1 payment, 2 resources) please visit our online shop - see on the right hand side

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The pack is also available from TES: TES BCV teachers resource pack

British Cultural Values teachers' resource pack short promo video

British Cultural Values pack introduction


Year 3 'Respect'

Year 6 'Democracy'

Year 4 'Tolerance'

Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 'Individual Liberty'

Year 5 'Rule of Law'

Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 Performance Tips

Below are some video testimonials from teachers who've experienced the package and shared the impact it's had on their pupils...

British Cultural Values - Head Teacher's feedback

Primary Teacher's feedback

Head of Pupil Progress/Literacy feedback

Kurly & Matt Windle delivering a full day British Values workshop with 240 pupils at George Salter Academy