Kurlys Poetry - Fun literacy engagement workshops


Alan (Kurly) McGeachie

- Birmingham Poet Laureate Finalist 2016/18 -

​Kurly delivers highly engaging Poetry and Hip Hop workshops in schools, youth clubs and community settings throughout the U.K. He has taught English and Citizenship for a number of years and for almost a decade he's been helping children read, write and develop emotional literacy through poetry. 

Kurly's flexible highly engaging workshops can include...

Assemblies/hourly sessions/half day sessions/full day sessions/extended half term projects/Arts Award certification and accreditation/support planning to meet specific workshop outcomes to match your SIP (School Improvement Plan for Ofsted) and more.

***Poetry experience NOT necessary***

Fun literacy enrichment that builds upon pupil's current strengths and interests is a highly effective way to put pupil's on path to curricular success. Pupils deploy new found reading and writing confidence to wider core subjects which enables them to make greater progress across the curriculum. Kurly's visit could also be used as a 'Wow Day' to launch a particular theme your school is looking to explore. Examples of some popular themes include Helath and Well Being,  Values, Virtues, Visions and Vocabulary, Acceptance and Diversity, Anti-Bullying, Identity, Black History, Transition, Finding & Celebrating Qualities of Success, Hip Hop Culture, Health and Wellbeing and many many more. Click on 'Workshops' to learn more about school workshop delivery.

"Poetry belongs to all of us."

- Michael Rosen

                                Hello from me!

                                 Performing 'Key Change' live at The Royal Albert Hall

"To have good readers and writers we must first have good speakers and listeners."

Pie Corbett

"My most disaffected pupil said it was great, Kurly was really positive about everything and we want him back again!" - 

Moria Davidson - Head Teacher  - St. Edwards Primary School


 "Kurly delivered a 'Slam' for Health Week which was well planned, pacey and fun. Pupils and staff really enjoyed the day!"  

Andrea Robertson - Centre Manager - Link Centre PRU

                      Performing at the N.A.T.E Conference with illustrator Chris Riddell

Kurly with the inspiring Michael Rosen